About Me

My name is Boma Obuoforibo.
I feel sad when I see parents physically and emotionally abuse their children and confuse discipline with yelling and spanking so I decided to build a career in Positive Parenting

I am a positive parenting coach. I am on a mission to teach, train and coach parents to understand and practice the right discipline so that they can thrive in their parenting and raise calm, happier and more secure children. I work with parents through one-on-one coaching, group coaching, consultations and online courses
I used to be a yelling and spanking parent who struggled to connect with my child because of my discipline strategy until I decided to do things differently. In the last 3 years I have sustainably built a healthy relationship with my child and have helped other parents do the same

The most effective discipline is one that proactively prepares a child so the parent does not have to reactively respond ~Amy McCready

boma obuoforibo

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Understand and Practice the right discipline